T13 COD & Total Organic Material Titrator
  • T13 COD & Total Organic Material Titrator

T13 COD & Total Organic Material Titrator

Model:T13 Brand:Sonnen

Keywords: analytical instruments


Product Introduction

K2Cr2O7 method COD total organic matter titrator adopts national standard color method, combine color determination and titration analysis. Automatically determine the end point of the titration by indicator’s color changes, and then calculate the content of COD total organic matter by the consumption of standard solution during the process of titration. This method’s titration accuracy and color determination accuracy are much higher; Its determination result is more precise and more reliable than traditional titration method; meanwhile eliminating personal error.

Product Features

  • Building Block Design, T01 titron、T11E Electric Potential board, T11C color card, T02 magnetic stirrer can be willfully combinate or individually work. Concerning the separate use, please refer to the details of T03(which contains T01 & T02);

  • High brightness color touch display screen(480 X 320 pixels),individualization English operation interface, can set 12 graphical shortcut keys;

  • English and Chinese operation interface are alternative. Print interface reserved;

  • Intuitional “Building Block” flexible combination, operator can select the relative titration station and function according to actual need, and upgrade anytime;

  • Built-in multiple analysis method;

  • Host bits can control twelve titron of T01 by bluetooth;

  • Host can connect to PC by WLAN;

  • The titration unit of T03 can work individually, mouse control titration;

  • The alternative communication interfaces: two USB interfaces, two RS232 interfaces, CAN bus interface, WLAN interface;

  • Different combination meets different clients’ demand.

Application Scope

Determine COD(total organic matter) by the method of K2Cr2O7 in water、waste water、soil、waste and other fields.

Technical Parameters:

Buret driver


Color sensor

16-bit and tri-phosphor, double color synthesis software

Maximum possible error


Dimention of host

160 X 190 X 200mm

Emptying time and full filling time of buret

30seconds(100% peak flow rate)

Dimentions of titration module

320 X 200 X 190(mm)

Weight(standard configuration)

About 4.3kg

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