K12 Fully Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, Kjeldahl Distillation and Titration System
K12 Fully Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, Kjeldahl Distillation and Titration System
  • K12 Fully Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, Kjeldahl Distillation and Titration System
  • K12 Fully Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, Kjeldahl Distillation and Titration System

K12 Fully Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer, Kjeldahl Distillation and Titration System

Reagent addition, distillation, titration, digestion tube and titration buret waste removing, discharging & washing, calibrating, fault detecting, solution level monitoring、and outcome calculating all can be realized fully automatically. Make the entire experimental process simple and efficient. Standard data-processing software (the control software is also optional). Model:K12 Brand:Sonnen

Keywords: analytical instruments


Technical Authority and Trustworthy

Comply with international / national standard, adopt national standard Kjeldahl method: digest sample in concentrated sulphuric acid environment ,steam distillation in alkaline environment,boric acid absorption,indicator titration end-point color determination method. Adopt international advanced high-precision high-resolution 16-bit tri-phosphor digital signal color sensor determinate titration end-point method(successfully developed in 2005).

Dynamic titration technology (known as distilling while titrating, successfully developed in 2007) could accomplish the distillation,titration and caculation synchronically.

The visible titration flask make the color change during the titration could be clearly shown.

In 2007, Sonnen successfully developed the unique auto determining module for nitric nitrogen and high nitrogen.

Sonnen is one of the drafters of China’s national standard GB/T22923-2008.

Sonnen is one of the drafters of the China's official standard JJF 109-2012 《Calibration Specification for Nitrogen Analyzer》.

Product Feature

  • Adding acid、adding alkali、distillation、titration、calibration、liquid level detection、waste discharging & washing(digestion tube and titration cup)、calculation and print can all be realized fully automatically.

  • Whole new multicore ARM operating system, 10-inch high definition color touch LCD screen, realtime monitoring and displaying experimental process.

  • Multi safety monitoring function: monitoring the safety of safety door, digestion tube, steam pressure, cooling water temperature, distillate temperature, water level of steam generator and lack of water.Ensuring experimental safety.

  • High precision titration system, achieve dynamic titration and variable speed titration, could accomplish the distillation,titration,caculation,data transmission synchronically,reduce experimental time by 40%.The external titration cup with protection real time visible and with anti interference capability.

  • Multi data output modes. WIFI, RS232/RS485, double USB2.0 interface. Data processing by Word, Excel software.

  • The instrument can store 1 million sets of data internally, and the cloud can store unlimited amounts of data. The test results can be represented in 12 ways, including Word, Excel, etc

  • Fourth level permission grading function,using different permissions from program administrator, main administrator, auxiliary administrator, and operator.Built-in time lock&data lock complies with "GLP and GMP" regulations

  • Titration color can be calibrated automatically or manually. The titration endpoint determined by high accuracy 16-bit three primary color digital signal color sensor.

  • PTFE(Teflon) bellows pump, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, Resistance to particle plugging structure, steady liquid addition controled by stepper motor, negative pressure suction without danger.

  • PTFE(Teflon) splash-proof bottle, resistance to high temperature and strong alkali, no ammonia leakage, ensure high recovery rate.

  • The liquid level detection of bucket ensure no lack of liquid during experiment.

  • Capable of detecting trace nitrogen content, accurate to 10ppm

  • Can be paired with a 35 bit automatic sampler to achieve true unmanned operation, effectively reducing personnel occupancy and reducing experimental costs

  • Optional addition of nitrate nitrogen or high nitrogen(the sample nitrogen content higher than 45%) automatic testing module

Technical Parameters
Measurement range 0.1mg~240mgN
Measurement time 3-7min/sample
Recovery ≥99.5%
Repeatability ≤0.5%
Steam flow rate 0~100%
Titration accuracy 0.1μL
Sample size

Solid ≤ 6g
Liquid ≤ 25ml

User defined scheme 5 million

Note: Parameters may be updated, please prevail in kind.

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