Sonnen’s Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer in TQLS(Tie Qi Li Shi Group)

  Tie Qi Li Shi Group is a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization and also one of Sonnen’s very faithful clients.

  The first of Sonnen’s nitrogen analyzer was sent to TQLS in March, 2008, and for as long as 10 year since then, it is still functioning very well now. In October 3,2017, Sonnen’s after-sale engineer visited TQLS, and did regular maintenance, changed the alkali pump interface, cleaned the pipeline and changed part of aging pipes, all for free charge, to thank TQLS’s faith in Sonnen.

  Now, TQLS Group has purchased dozens of Sonnen’s nitrogen analyzer, and most of TQLS’s subsidiaries are now having Sonnen’s nitrogen analyzer functioning there.