President: Ms Li Lihua
  • President: Ms Li Lihua

President: Ms Li Lihua

Keywords: analytical instruments


▶ Vice Chief Engineer in the Testing Center of Luoyang City Quality Supervision Bureau.

▶ In 2005, be in charge of the technical team and successfully and independently developed the automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer in China.

▶ In 2008, won the test competition organized by China National Fertilizer Testing Center, and then participated the draft of China National Standard GB/T22923.

▶ In 2011, independently developed the Ammonia Nitrogen On-line Detector and COD On-line Detector.

▶ In 2011, developed the intelligent muti-function color-method titrator with also potentiometric method available, which is widely applied for acid-base titration, oxidation reduction titration, precipitation titration, complexometric titration and non-aqueous titration, and also for PH measurement.

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