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F20 Automatic Filter-Bag Fiber Analyzer, Fiber Tester, Fiber Analyzer

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F20 Automatic Filter-bag Fiber Analyzer   


Product Introduction:

The filter-bag fiber analyzer is used to resolve problems of over-consumption of work and time, improper fire control, easy-loss of the residue, the potential safety problem against the operators and etc, which are caused by crucible extraction method. For batch determination, this determinator is with obvious advantage of high efficiency, stabilization, and reagent saving.

Sonnen’s this fiber analyzer is adopted with the special design of high-pressure sealing, With a new small appearance, the analyzer is strong functional. Particularly the special reaction cylinder, digesting with integrated stirring method, which is of high stability and reliability, strong sample handling capacity, and obvious high efficiency, and is especially suitable for the large-workload end- users.



  • For crude fiber

  • For acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, lignin and insoluble dietary fiber.


Application Standard:

  • ISO 6865 & 92/89 EEC Crude Fiber in feed

  • ISO 16472 aNDF in animal feed;

  • AOAC 2002.04 aNDF in feed;

  • ISO 13906 ADF and ADL in animal feed.


Product Feature:

l  The color LCD touch-screen is equipped, simple interface for the user’s easy and convenient operation

l  Automatic digesting, manually inlet the solvent, function of heating and accurate temperature control, automatic stirring, waste discharging and cleaning could all be realized through the touch-screen.


Technical   Parameters

Temperature range

Ambient temperature to 100

Sample Size

0.1-5.0 gram

Time consumption per determination

120 Minutes

Capacity per batch

up to 30 samples simultaneously

Capacity per day

About 90 – 180 (under   the condition of 8 hours working and with different fiber.)



Safety requirements

Enclosed space, off-hand  operation.

Installation environment

Routine laboratory, no need cooling water.

Power supply

AC220V  50Hz


375 X 500 X 450(mm)



Note: Parameters may be updated, please in kind prevail.


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